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What Is Financial Literacy?


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The 2018-2019 FinFit Fair


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Meet Our Team & Our Program Goals

Robert Siefring



   Raise Awareness 

  To make students aware of their future financial opportunities and obstacles  

Lucia Rolo



To educate high schoolers and prepare them for the financial challenges of college and beyond 

Matt Crepeau




 To help students practice money management skills in a real life simulation  

Accomplishments 2019

In Preparation


The team worked countless hours and weeks in order to complete their 20 page paper review on the FinFit Fair as well as a 15 minute presentation. Once at the state level their paper got evaluated and they presented the oral presentation to a judge. 

DECA States 2019


The 2018/2019 FinFit Team placed 1st, beating out 20 other teams from around the state! They received a 97 on their paper and a 96 on their roleplay. The team is now onto the national conference held in Orlando, Florida!